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Created By A Mum

Financial pressures of today's day and age, often mean that both parents have to work, leaving very little time for making meaningful memories. Doing daily tasks like making school lunches, while important, can seem repetitive, stressful and enormously time consuming. Let us give you that time back. Welcome to the world of Foodie Packs. Created by a mum.


The Foodie Packs Story 

Foodie Packs was dreamed up by a full time working mum of 2 young children who was extremely time poor. The task of daily school lunch making was time consuming and stressful to say the least.

At the time of its inception, there were no healthy and fresh, pre-made lunch packs on the market that incorporated children's morning tea and lunch, all in one off-the-shelf pack. This mum wanted to be able to buy a pre-packaged school lunch just like what she made for her kids at home. It had to be fresh, healthy, tasty, and appealing for her kids to want to eat.

When developing Foodie Packs, it was her goal to see that all kids could have daily access to fresh fruit and vegetables, while removing the stress of the daily preparation.

When trialing her Foodie Packs on her own family, every single lunch pack came home empty- every single time. Her own daughter who was the fussiest of eaters, was suddenly eating all of her morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, AND – was excited about it!

This was a surprising and exciting revelation. It was all about how the fruit and vegetables were cut, laid out and separated into little compartments.

She was certain that it must be this way of presenting fruit and vegetables, all chopped up in kid size pieces and separated into little clear compartments that would make other kids want to eat their fruit and vegetables too.

Thanks to Foodie Packs there were now healthy happy full-tummied children at school, and a happy mum seeing no wastage, which meant that her children were getting a great intake of vitamins and minerals.

There was no more chopping school lunches, washing smelly lunch boxes, panicking that there was no fresh bread in the house on a Monday morning. This was a win-win!

The Foodie packs concept has been a labour of love having been in the development phase for since August 2015. Getting the packaging, sealing techniques, food technology and meal combinations perfect was no easy feat. But now, here it is! Ready for you and your children. 

Welcome to the world of Foodie Packs! 

Our Healthy Eating For Kids Philosophy

Good nutrition contributes to good health and overall well-being. This is vital for positive engagement in children's learning activities.

We all want to provide nutritious, well balanced, tasty food for our kids’ lunches, but finding time and inspiration to shop and prepare food is not always easy.

The traditional  Parents and Friends canteen has disappeared from many schools and current alternatives are often inconvenient, inflexible or more ‘as a treat’ kinds of foods than complying with the nutritional guidelines appropriate for school aged children.
We believe that childhood is the most important time for establishing lifelong, healthy eating habits and can benefit the children in two main ways:

Short term benefits: maximises growth, development, activity levels and good health.
Long term benefits: minimises the risk of diet related diseases later in life.

Foodie Packs are easy to use, offer variety and choice, within a healthy framework and allows busy parents to provide great lunches for their children.  Foodie Packs take the headache out of coming up with lunch and snack ideas and empowers children to make their own healthy food choices.

We are committed to providing freshly prepared meals with the highest care, quality ingredients, and home style prepared lunches. 

Foodie Packs have been developed in consultation with nutritionists, dietitians, school educators, parents and children.